Nine brilliant minds came together with a vision to create value and positively impact communities, businesses and the public through the use of smart technology. They wanted to make a difference in society by doing something unique; designing support programs that create social and economic value, they wanted the local businesses and communities to work smarter, communicate better through best business management techniques to improve their lives and achieve sustainable growth.

The vision was based on five principles;

  1. Partnership – working with trusted and reliable partners.
  2. Perfection – use creativity, Discipline, and unity and to achieve excellence.
  3. Productivity – drive effective economic growth through the promotion of all round prosperity, dependence and use of accountable, sustainable and transparent business etiquette.
  4. Planet – respect the planet earth and embrace responsible and business solutions that are environmentally friendly and finally
  5. People – develop each other through genuine respect for uniqueness and different personalities. With this vision and approach, it led to the formation of Globiva Limited.

An enterprise, global entity, a business and IT solution provider and enabler of use of smart technology to support development of smart communities. Our aim is to empower and inspire communities, entrepreneurs and enterprises through leveraging the effective use of ICT for development, promoting the transfer of relevant ICT knowledge, use of leadership and managerial best practices as well as application of transformational mentorship and global partnerships. Our powerful tool is to use our expertise, connections and diverse experiences, creativity, commitment and passion gained in local and global arena to champion inventions, and effectively add value and constructive transformation to business process and IT solutions.

Globiva will guide the youth towards the right path of life through training, support and mentorship, because they are tomorrows’ future leaders. This way, we will improve lives and lift so many people out of poverty and make the world a better place.

– Raphael

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