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GloBIVA Connect provides professional, smart-technology-based solutions and social engineering services to support the development of communities to thrive, intelligently bridging the beneficiaries to the service providers and innovators to enable self-growth. 

We support programs that create social and economic value in society through "working alliances" - interlinking programs or entrepreneurial focus areas to create and grow value. We empower free enterprises to ignite social-economic growth by transforming hope into inspiration and nurturing talent and potential to create and grow value.

 The alliances face similar challenges and pull together their enthusiasm and expertise to overcome one of the most discouraging features of becoming successful – “the mindset of scarcity and isolation”. We recognize that overcoming challenges of the entrepreneurship lifecycle requires consistent public participation, renewed mindset, commitment, and cooperation with one another to open up new horizons and establish a healthy relationship to work smartly. 

 Empower, Nurture, Succeed.

Adaptive Learning

Learn to Earn. Service Learning reignites learners’ curiosity to allow creativity to freely flourish and prepare the youth for the Future of Work. Collaborate quickly, organize knowledge effectively, and reinvent and share experiences that are relevant and relatable to our growth.

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Healthy Lifestyle

Health is wealth. Providing services for eco-friendly productivity. Combine technology and sustainable techniques to offer comfort and safety, convenience, and self-reliance. Use of natural resources and smart applications to support well-being and healthy ecosystems.

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Decentralized Governance

Embracing diverse cultures and collaborative way of life. Smartly deploying innovative and emerging technologies to secure and scale-out services in the community.  Compassionately providing easy and quick access to technology and community-supportive ecosystems.

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Regenerative Design

Building thriving green communities requires the use of a focused digital transformation and creating a social persona that naturally connects social enterprises to people. We position digital spaces to support the growth of human potential and the proper use of natural capital.

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Our goal is to create an enabling environment to transform villages into self-sustainable and thriving green economies through unified voices of purpose and regenerative design.

 This is done through


Ubuntu | Umoja | Ubunifu | Utawala | Upendo | Uzima | Ujamaa



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